HBO+EMTB provides architectural excellence in a commercial context.

With a commitment to sustainability, our architects strive to create well-resolved buildings that positively alter the way people perceive and experience space. We consistently pursue innovation, underpinned by careful analysis, creative skill, and proven design ability.

Our work runs the breadth of building types, evidenced by a portfolio of successfully completed commissions and awards. We draw on expertise across our Group, aligning specialist skills with client requirements.

HBO+EMTB's extensive scope of service allows us to collaborate with clients during all project phases. From feasibility studies and due diligence through to planning, design, documentation, approval, and construction, the complexities of each stage receives tailored, expert attention.

Featured Projects

Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility, Melbourne
ACT ESA Outdoor Training Centre, Canberra
Rugby League Central, Sydney
Crown Casino Refurbishment, Melbourne
Xi’an Ziction Liberal Hotel, China
Five 13 Taylor South, Perth
Lilyfield Housing Redevelopment, Sydney
16 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra
Caves Beach Resort, NSW