HBO+EMTB provides both strategic and statutory planning services.

Strategic planning advice aims to optimise land values and review the development potential of property assets, resulting in clear steps to maximise the highest and best use of individual properties or portfolios.
We offer expertise in the review of prevailing planning parameters and site constraints, creation of concepts and options for an alternate development strategy, and professional analysis of the economic feasibilities of these outcomes.

HBO+EMTB’s services cover the strategic planning of individual sites, precincts, villages and suburbs through to entire cities. Our specialists also undertake the strategic planning of large greenfield and urban infill sites in a responsive and sustainable manner, identifying the optimum development approval process to pursue for success.

Featured Projects

NSW Police Force Facility, Sydney
Football NSW Headquarters, Sydney
Parramatta Operations Centre, Sydney
ACT ESA Outdoor Training Centre, Canberra
University of Western Sydney Nursing Facility, Sydney
Lilyfield Housing Development, Sydney
Elizabeth St Precinct, Sydney
Monodelphous, Perth & Brisbane
Exhibition Park, Canberra