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1971 Royal Australia Institute of Architects

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1979 Royal Australia Institute of Architects

1997 BHP Metal Building Award 1997

2002 Royal Australia Institute of Architects NSW

2002 Awards for Excellence

2002 Rider Hunt Building Award

2005 Master Builders Association of ACT Awards

2005 Master Builders Association of NSW Awards

2005 Planning Institute of Australia (ACT)

2007 Design Institute of Australia W.A.

2007 Royal Australia Institute of Architects

2008 New Zealand Best Awards

2008 InterfaceFLOR Awards

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Pursuant to the principles and practices contained in the Australian Institute of Architects Practice Note, Issuing CAD files to Builders and Consultants, HBO+EMTB requires that before supplying the data, the recipient agrees to the following conditions:

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HBO+EMTB is built on the reputations of two successful architectural practices – Hoadley Budge Olphert and Edwards Madigan Torzillo Briggs. We are proud of the design traditions of the organisations from which we’ve come.

The amalgamated practice of HBO+EMTB was established 1994. Hoadley Budge Olphert, a New Zealand firm, expanded into the Australian market through merger with the local practice of Edwards Madigan Torzillo Briggs. Both firms had amassed significant design legacies: HBO had been operating since 1912, and EMTB since 1945.

Many innovative, award-winning commercial and civic projects from this period have cemented themselves as enduring landmarks in a complex and rapidly changing environment. These include the High Court of Australia and National Gallery of Australia – iconic, modern buildings recognised for their heritage value.
Key elements of our contemporary design approach, including the application of sustainable design principles and emphasis on humanistic solutions, are evident in commissions from across the past century.

In the last decade, HBO+EMTB has enjoyed continued growth, establishing 23 offices across Asia Pacific, including China and India. Our studios have diversified into specialist areas such as heritage architecture, urban design and strategic workplace planning.

Today, HBO+EMTB’s portfolio includes works across all building types and design disciplines from commercial and infrastructure developments, to residential, retail and hospitality commissions. We continue to value our heritage, and the importance of producing enduring, sustainable design excellence in a commercial context.

HBO+EMTB offers a number of student placements across all our design disciplines. Please read through some of the frequently asked questions below.
Q. What sort of candidate do you consider for a student placement?
We look for intellectually curious students who are passionate about architecture and interior design. You must respect and value creative expression in all its forms, and bring a rigorous and inventive approach to problem solving. You must also be studying toward a tertiary qualification in a relevant design discipline.
Q. How long will a student placement last?
The duration of our placements vary from a few months to possible ongoing employment.
Q. What will I be doing?
You will be exposed to all elements of the process of designing environments. You will gain experience on commercial projects of varying size and type. You will form part of project teams composed of graduates and project designers through to senior industry specialists and Directors – and even other students.
Q. Does this placement pay, and how much?
Yes. Remuneration packages vary and will be discussed with short listed candidates.
Q. Can this placement count toward my qualification, or professional registration?
Yes. For Australian applicants, experience gained with us in your first three years of study contributes to your degree, experience gained in your 4th and 5th years is logged for Registration.
Q. How many hours a week must I commit to?
Hours are flexible and will be discussed with shortlisted candidates.
Q. I am a foreign student, am I eligible?
Candidates must already hold all necessary work permits to be considered.

Q. Exactly what student placement positions are open at this time?
Unfortunately, all available student placements for 2013 are currently filled. But we always like hearing from talented people so please forward your application for future placements.

Q. How do I apply for a student placement?
Email your resume, cover letter and a downloadable PDF of your portfolio to recruitment@hboemtb.com. Please note we prefer attachments under 4mb.  You cover letter should include the following:

  • Your motivation for working with HBO+EMTB
  • Preferred office location
  • Areas of interest
  • Your availability
  • Your degree, university / tertiary institute, year of study and expected date of graduation
  • Software skills and level of competency

HBO+EMTB is using the next generation of 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Our architectural projects are designed with Revit, a Building Information Modelling (BIM) software.

BIM Software such as Revit allow a design to be drawn in three dimensions from day one of the design which creates a virtual building. The ‘visualisation’ of an evolving design means alternatives are canvassed for quicker decision making. The entire design process becomes more efficient.

With the aid of these 3D virtual buildings, a wider set of internal stakeholders – such as staff, executives and management – have the opportunity to engage at an earlier time than would have been possible in the past.

All designers – whether they are architects, interior designers or engineers – work from the one BIM / Revit model. BIM enables our designers to more efficiently integrate our designs with other building services inputs and identify points of conflict between construction elements as they arise. This ability to prevent conflicts is a real benefit especially for technically complex project.

BIM is particularly valuable for environmentally sustainable design. BIM is able to add a further dimension to a design: time. The result is the ability to model the performance of an architectural design over time.

The result is a powerful driver towards fully integrated sustainable design. Building and fitout performance can be adjusted for most efficient energy, lighting and spatial use. Materials and equipment can be selected that provide optimal results across the long term. The BIM model of a building can be integrated with a building’s management system for optimal plant and equipment settings.

HBO+EMTB’s project coordination service frees our design team to do what they do best: design.

Our in-house service operates seamlessly with the design product. Experienced project coordinators manage the delivery process from inception to completion, achieving the optimum design solution within fixed parameters.

Project coordination addresses the full range of the delivery process, including authorities’ submission requirements, services coordination, interfacing with contractors, and contract administration. We employ various tools to review deliverables, controlling project delivery against the objectives of time, cost and design suitability.

We believe effective, transparent communication at critical milestones informs all stakeholders of the factors influencing design decisions and construction programs. From boutique commissions to complex projects, our robust approach is successfully implemented for a range of clients.

HBO+EMTB conducts business from offices in 14 countries.

HBO+EMTB is not a franchise - our management structure and IT infrastructure allows us to operate as a unified practice, seamlessly servicing a regional client base.

Expertise in particular industry sectors, client types or delivery methods exists across our network of offices. When commissions arise in specific geographical locations, these specialists provide conceptual expertise, supported by local offices for statutory compliance, management and production resources.

Our account management and methodology provides consistency, quality and commensurate response to requirements wherever they arise in Asia Pacific, irrespective of scale.

Clients benefit from harnessing the diverse resources of a multidisciplinary, regional practice.

HBO+EMTB’s commitment to sustainability is not simply a response to current trends - we have practised environmentally sustainable design (ESD) for decades.

As designers, we have primary responsibility for shaping sustainable built environments. As a practice, we are aware of the importance of taking a green approach regardless of scale or budget.

The HBO+EMTB group offers expertise in commercially viable green initiatives across all our design disciplines. We are experienced in the delivery of environmentally responsible outcomes for a breadth of typologies, from corporate fitouts to masterplanned urban communities.

HBO+EMTB is an active member of the Green Building Councils of both Australia and New Zealand, and numerous employees have qualified as Green Star Accredited Professionals. Accredited staff are familiar with similar schemes operating in other markets, such as BCA Green Mark, HK-BEAM and LEED.

This commitment to research and staff education ensures the latest ESD developments shape our thinking.

HBO+EMTB Sustainability Policy
Integrated Management System Policy

HBO+EMTB is an established design practice creating responsive, sustainable environments that integrate our customer’s commercial imperatives along with social and environmental objectives.

We achieve this through the commitment of all HBO+EMTB management and staff to the Integrated Management System (IMS) processes and measures. Through an ongoing process of training and communication, we ensure that we are current with our IMS arrangements and industry imperatives.

To maintain our consistent high-level service to our clients, we manage and continually improve the HBO+EMTB IMS in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 and AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 standards and with applicable statutory, regulatory, codes of practice and guidelines that apply to the jurisdictions where business is undertaken. Click here to view our current IMS policy.

HBO+EMTB is registered with the Board of Architects across Australia and is also a member of the following organisations:

  • Australian Institute of Architects (A+)
  • Design Institute of Australia
  • Green Building Council of Australia
  • National Association of Women in Construction
  • Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
  • CoreNet Global
  • Facility Management Association of Australia
  • Property Council of Australia
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia

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HBO+EMTB’s design studios are led by a team of respected architects, designers, planners, consultants and industry specialists.

Our studio Directors and Principals take a hands-on approach, with active involvement in the design and delivery of projects.

Collectively, they offer award-winning expertise across all industry sectors, having worked with clients both public and private.

Welcome to the HBO blog. Read, learn and comment to your hearts content.

HBO+EMTB employs a diverse group of professionals across the region. Our design studios are involved in progressive commercial projects, with significant scope for multidisciplinary collaboration.

We would like to hear from creative individuals looking to contribute their talent and expertise in the following areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Urban design
  • Landscape design
  • Workplace solutions
  • Heritage
  • Planning
  • Business development

As a multidisciplinary, regional practice, HBO+EMTB provides real opportunities to forge an exciting career path.

We offer an innovative work environment and encourage a proactive approach to staff development.

If you recognise the value of great design in a commercial context, forward your curriculum vitae and portfolio to recruitment@hboemtb.com indicating your area of expertise and preferred office location.

For details on our student placements, click here.

HBO+EMTB provides architectural excellence in a commercial context.

With a commitment to sustainability, our architects strive to create well-resolved buildings that positively alter the way people perceive and experience space. We consistently pursue innovation, underpinned by careful analysis, creative skill, and proven design ability.

Our work runs the breadth of building types, evidenced by a portfolio of successfully completed commissions and awards. We draw on expertise across our Group, aligning specialist skills with client requirements.

HBO+EMTB’s extensive scope of service allows us to collaborate with clients during all project phases.

HBO+EMTB has over 450 employees in 24 studios across Asia Pacific. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our projects and services.

Media: media@hboemtb.com
Careers: recruitment@hboemtb.com

For the latest news from HBO+EMTB follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or sign up to our newsletter below.

HBO+EMTB is an established, regional design practice. We design responsive environments, delivering sustainable, humanistic solutions that integrate commercial imperatives and social objectives.

The HBO+EMTB group offers multi-disciplinary expertise in architecture, interior design, workplace solutions, urban design, landscape design, heritage and planning. These complementary services achieve quality, cost and time efficiencies for clients – from project inception to occupation.

Representing a century of design excellence, HBO+EMTB’s history is complemented by a fresh perspective. We introduce clients to contemporary approaches and progressive design. Our work has been acknowledged with design awards across the full breadth of building typologies. The practice continues to strengthen this reputation, contributing to the built environment of the world’s most dynamic cities.

HBO+EMTB provide the highest level of professional service. Our diverse group of 450 professional staff assists clients in every major centre across Asia-Pacific. This network is supported by effective corporate and IT infrastructure, leaving our designers free to focus on what they do best: design.

Detailed planning, technical excellence and of course, completion to program and budget all form part of our proven methodology. The Group’s ISO 9001 compliant quality assurance system employs standard procedures to achieve a commensurate response to requirements wherever and whenever they arise.

HBO+EMTB believe good design is good business. Our design studios specialise in translating stakeholder input into the built form, acknowledging that clients know their business better than we do. A collaborative approach and comprehensive consultation process allows us to respond to requirements, commercial environments, technical processes and practices, resulting in the optimum design solution.