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Projects / Workplace Interiors

Sydney, Australia

Interior Design, Workplace Solutions

HBO+EMTB was commissioned for the interior design of Accenture’s head office in the prestigious Workplace6 development at Darling Island, Sydney. Workplace6  is New South Wales’ first 6 Star Green Star rated building. Accenture occupies two floors of this purpose-built low rise building.

The environmentally responsible design was driven by the client’s desire to have a modern green office environment, and to minimize the company’s environmental footprint. The base building design has maximized natural light and air quality through the use of chilled beams and an operable façade has allowed for the installation of an open wintergarden.

The interior design was based on a circular model to break up space in an innovative fashion which provides both privacy and flow throughout the space. The design aesthetic blurs the boundaries of residential and commercial design. The use of color was integral to the brief, and bringing residential soft furnishing within a commercial space creates a casual, inviting and warm environment.

The space accommodates a transitory workforce which has influenced planning. Workstations are largely open plan, with quiet rooms provided for private work. There is an emphasis on furniture rather than built elements, with an eclectic mix of pieces that can be used a number of ways. Hot desks allow Accenture’s visiting interstate and overseas staff to efficiently utilise the space. Each employee is allocated a mobile caddy to store personal effects, the caddies are then stored to form part of the design solution within the space. This design solution has provided Accenture with numerous space efficiencies, and ensures maximum flexbility for reconfiguration.