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Projects / Workplace Interiors

ACT Emergency Services Agency
Canberra, Australia

Emergency Services Agency
Interior Design, Workplace Solutions

The ACT Emergency Services Agency is the umbrella organisation that encompasses the ACT Fire Brigade, ACT Ambulance, ACT Rural Fire Service and the ACT State Emergency Service.

Since August 2006, HBO+EMTB has been working with the Agency on a range of accommodation and facility reviews including accommodation requirements and functional design briefs. This included space planning, design and documentation services for the ACT Emergency Services Agency’s new Headquarters fitout in Fairbairn, Canberra.
The fitout comprised two levels within a purpose built building and brought together all of the groups that form the ESA.  The fitout needed to recognise and reflect the strong culture and history of these four services within the one space in a way that reinforces the identity of the ESA as one unit whilst not eroding the individual personalities of the individual groups. The selective use of key colours, derived from the badges of each of the services, were used as feature elements through the space set against a neutral backdrop. 

The introduction of strong graphic elements to the fitout glazing, walls and ceilings also pay homage to the proud history within the Canberra region of the ESA.