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Projects / Workplace Interiors

Department of Human Services
Canberra, Australia

Department of Human Services
Interior Design

Changing approaches to collaboration, technology and communications led the Department of Human Services (DHS) to explore how different work places may enable their staff to work better. In response to this paradigm shift, HBO+EMTB provided design services to DHS for both the 26,000sqm Greenway Building in parallel with the 10,000sqm fitout for their headquarters in Barton.

The fitouts allow DHS to become more flexible and collaborative in their work allowing for high quality teams to come together and disperse on an as-needs basis. The workplace environment reflects this agility, providing the opportunity for staff to choose the most suitable setting for any given activity, whether that activity requires high levels of noisy interaction or quiet, concentrated work.

Alternative workspaces to the traditional office and meeting room environments have been developed that will support greater communication and collaboration between team members. Enclosed offices are provided only for SES level positions and above and are constructed from a fully demountable partition system allowing for future flexibility of the office design time eliminating the need for physical building works and reducing the costs of churn over the life of the fitout.