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Projects / Urban Design

Elizabeth Street Precinct
Sydney, Australia

Frasers Greencliff Developments
Urban Design, Planning

The Elizabeth Precinct is strategically located on the northern foreshore of the Parramatta River in close proximity to the Parramatta CBD.

As part of Parramatta Council’s Residential Development Strategy, a Structure Plan was commissioned to provide urban design principles and guidelines, and a development framework for the built form. The draft Structure Plan includes a new street hierarchy and layout, new blocks, building envelopes and public domain strategies including concepts for the foreshore parklands.

The urban framework was derived from detailed and thorough analysis of the precinct and the area context, resulting in sensitive place-specific proposals to guide future development. A key element of the Plan is the extension of the public domain to include the introduction of new public streets and a significant foreshore park.

The Structure Plan will both enhance the appearance and amenity of the river and its environs, and enable and encourage high quality design to support the new community envisaged for the precinct.

HBO+EMTB provided town planning advice and managed the development approval process including: the preparation of a re zoning  submission as well as an application to the NSW Department of Planning under the now repealed Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.
Both rezoning and Part3A were pursued simultaneously as some years had been spent in deliberating to merits of the rezoning of these lands for medium and high rise residential. Ultimately the Part 3A action was not pursued as Parramatta City Council advanced the zoning of the property. Detailed and sensitive negotiations were involved Officers of both the Department and Council, with all stakeholders eventually satisfied with the resolution.