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Projects / Transport + Industrial

Emergency Services Agency Outdoor Training Centre
ACT, Australia

ACT Emergency Services
Architecture, Planning

HBO+EMTB was engaged by the ACT Emergency Services Agency to create a new, purpose-built facility to accommodate the diverse training needs of the Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, Rural Fire Service and SES. We also managed the development approval process including coordination of design documentation and the preparation of specialist supplementary design reports in specialist areas of archaeological site assessment, flora and fauna, site contamination, stormwater design; preparation of Environmental Assessment Report; lodgement of DA to ACTPLA and monitoring and coordination of the evaluation of the Project through to the issuing of the approval for the Project by ACTPLA.
Occupying a greenfield site and adjacent the South Care rescue helicopter base, the Outdoor Training Centre is a robust facility constructed with pragmatic materials for a practical workforce. The streamlined form accommodates the training needs of the Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, Rural Fire Service, and the SES.

The project involved the construction of a new training facility building, car parking, and an external “props” area to be used for training of existing personnel and new recruits to ACT ESA. Key elements include an administration and teaching building, a striking vertical rescue tower, training building hot house, training house and provisions for storage, as well as an outdoor training area (drill yard) and various stand down areas/structures.

During training activities, all water and contaminates are contained on the site and treated for re-use in further training. These solutions reflect how careful analysis underpins the OTC’s effective resolution of highly specialised technical requirements within a formally restrained and elemental design envelope.