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Projects / Hospitality

Fish Restaurant
Auckland, New Zealand

Hilton International
Interior Design

Following a number of successful commissions for the Hilton Hotel, HBO+EMTB's Auckland studio recently provided interior design services for the fitout of Fish Restaurant.  A partnership between Hilton Auckland and the Nourish Group, the restaurant is located on the first floor of the Hilton with one of the best outlooks on the Waitemata Harbour.

The design intent was to create a dining experience which combines the unique local culture with the distinct style of an international hotel. The detailing and choice of materials has taken cues from the restaurant's local and sustainable philosophy. The lighting was hand-blown by Wanganui glass artist Katie Brown and reference the glass buoys formerly used in the Harbour.

An outdoor eco-friendly fireplace was specified for its sustainable and aesthetic qualities and at night frames a view of the harbour through its warm glow. Making the most of the restaurant's elevated waterfront position, the design places the stunning harbour views as the focal point.

Timber slatted ceilings in the formal dining area add warmth, natural tones and materiality to the restaurant. They also frame the views of the harbour and create a visual connection between the indoor and outdoor wharf space. The introduction of the timber flooring in the outdoor dining area was an intentional nod to the typical New Zealand backyard deck and tradition of eating outdoors.