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Projects / Workplace Interiors


Interior Design

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, the design brief for Microsoft’s head office in Singapore was to create a more flexible, technologically advanced and sustainable workplace.

Designed by HBO+EMTB, Microsoft’s new office is a leading example of intelligent and innovative design. It is one of the most space efficient workplaces in Singapore having reduced Microsoft’s space requirements by 15% while maintaining their headcount and allowing for planned growth for the remainder of the lease.

The design covers 7,150sqm and involves the roll out of a more flexible, mobile and task focused workplace. By introducing a variety of work settings, staff are empowered and can choose where and how they work.

The sustainable philosophy behind the project was to create a vibrant workplace while minimising waste and retaining and reusing as much as possible of the original fit out. Virtually all of the ceilings, floor, lights M&E systems along with some of the existing finishes were retained and reused. 

The fitout also includes Asia’s first Microsoft Technology Centre which allows staff and partners to showcase their product in an inspiring environment. Since opening, it has had over 1600 visitors in the first two months, firmly placing the Singapore office on the Microsoft map.

Further to our appointment on the Singapore project, HBO+EMTB was also commissioned for the provision of interior design services for Microsoft in Manila, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Shanghai.