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Projects / Commercial

NSW Police Force Facility
Sydney, Australia

NSW Police
Architecture, Planning, Workplace Solutions

HBO+EMTB was engaged to provide an accommodation study, preliminary site master plan, design, documentation and contract administration and statutory planning services for a new Police Force Facility in Sydney. HBO+EMTB managed the Part 5 Planning approvals for the Project and facilitated the approval process to ensure a rapid approval outcome.
The project included three buildings, communications towers, an external storage yard and helicopter landing pad. Designed to initially accommodate an estimated 230 permanent staff members, with the potential for future expansion of up to 400 staff, the facility is operational 24 hours, seven days a week. It effectively meets complex requirements, including the need to successfully accommodate the specific technical and security needs of each police department.

Building 1 is a 3-storey administration building of 6,800sqm. The ground level contains reception, offices, garages, workshops, loading dock, meal rooms, gymnasium, store rooms, plant rooms and amenities. Levels 1 and 2 contain offices, meeting rooms, meal rooms, store rooms, workshops and amenities.

Building 2 is a single story Vehicle Services Building with a GFA of 2,100sqm. It comprises workshops, garages, store rooms and an administration area.

Building 3 is a high-bay warehouse with a mezzanine level at the western end, with a GFA of 3,300sqm. The ground floor level contains a large area to accommodate warehouse storage, offices, amenities, reception and a communications room.

The finished design strikes an elegant balance between utilitarian function and clean lines, accentuated by highlights of bold colour and geometric shapes that give the facility a strong visual identity.