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Projects / Landscape Design

Standard Chartered Bank
Tianjin, China

Standard Chartered Bank
Landscape Design

The landscape concept for The Standard Chartered Bank's Tianjin headquarters has been designed to provide employees with a range of garden and horticultural experiences to enjoy as well as being a landscape feature and iconic landmark for this International brand.

Six unique gardens have been designed as part of the landscape.  These gardens vary from the detailed botanical interest of the herbaceous borders to the whimsical meadow grasslands, offering the opportunity to walk, relax and provide an area for marquees to host outdoor programs/entertainment when required.

The Harvest Lawn is a gently sloping garden featuring the red silhouetted branches of Dogwood species with bands of contrasting perennials and grasses. The Rose Garden is a sunken garden featuring traditional and modern roses, indigenous perennials and bench seating. Autumn Walk provides a grand lawn viewed from the building’s entrance and framed by evergreen hedges. An avenue of ornamental pears terminates at its end with flagpoles. The Wave Lawn mimics a wild grassland and features a mound and depression creating a wave of long grasses contrasting against a neat edge of mown lawn. Meadow Lawn is an ephemeral tapestry of colour provided by meadow grasses and flowering herbs planted as a ribbon across a mown lawn area. Finally, the Birch Forest is composed of a grove of mass planted Birch trees providing an area for walking meditation and seating.