Projects / Landscape Design

Xi’an Lintong Tourist and Resort Zone Masterplan
Xi’an, China

Elda Group of Companies
3740 hectares
Landscape Design, Urban Design

HBO+EMTB’s masterplan for the Xi’an New City links the Terra Cotta Warriors, to the ancient walled city of Xi'an, in a unified and unique combination of ecological, landscape and architectural responses that respect the mountain backdrop provided by Lishan. The design creates a new green city that combines innovative forms of agriculture, nature conservation, environmental infrastructure and communities, with all the pleasures that modern life has to offer. It creates a definitive “international” destination that will become the natural hub for both international and national tourists to the cultural and heritage riches of the Xian.

A “Finger Plan” (a reversal of the Copenhagen Finger Plan of 1948) stretching from the forested mountain ridges to the distant Weihe River, puts the ecological infrastructure first, with each finger ensuring continuous ecological corridors to accompany and buffer the future growth within the site. This in turn creates five key precincts for development of the briefs’ nine primary projects.

Along a central new road/light rail spine, occur a string of varied experiences including a new market town, a lakeside luxury tourist centre on a 4 km long lake with a multiplicity of unique aquatic recreation activities, a new gateway and sports centre based around equestrian activities, new luxury spa resorts and hotels in both new and refurbished luxury facilities, extensive shopping and tourism activities, new housing on four golf courses, lakes, plain and forested slopes, mountain resorts and ecological tours and experiences. The design incorporates “world best practice” in environmental sustainability, urban and landscape design, city design and planning.